Engaging Employees in the Success of Your Business.

Small businesses make up more than 99% of the American economy, with the vast majority employing 20 or fewer workers. For the small business owner, talent retention is an operational priority and retirement plans are a proven incentive for engaging employees in the success of the company. Professionals available through Capital Conclusions have the education, knowledge and experience to coordinate a retirement benefit plan, from setting up Simple IRA’s to managing 401k’s in a third-party capacity and ensuring compliance with ERISA regulations (Employee Retirement Security Act.)

Tax-Advantaged Plans for Employer and Self-Employed.

Even the self-employed and gig economy contractors can benefit from retirement plans, which, when structured properly, can provide lucrative tax savings year over year. Our team has access to some of the most recognized money managers in the country, and we’ll work closely with your CPA on a plan designed to benefit your business and your employees, as well as contribute significantly to your personal financial security.

  • Simple/SEP/Self-Employed-Solo IRA’s
  • 401k Plans
  • Tax Advantages