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Incorporated in New York in 1978, Capital Conclusions is a full-service organization composed of financial planners, investment consultants, insurance and employee benefit professionals. Our strength is understanding investments as they relate to a client’s overall financial picture. Our experience in financial management, estate planning, selective executive compensation packages, pension and insurance planning, has earned national recognition. We’ve served businesses, public and private, and people from all walks from life, from professional athletes and corporate leaders, to working professionals, government employees and retirees.

Our Knowledge Empowers You.

All this specialized knowledge gives us a comprehensive vantage point from which to guide our clients, all of whom have problems and objectives specific to their own industries and situations. Yet, they all share the common goal of financial freedom and stability. The experts we’ve gathered in various disciplines are your resource for information to stay on top of the latest news affecting every aspect of financial management. Look for our posts daily on LinkedIn and Twitter, with reports on capital markets, economic data and market trends.

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